In Brief: What’s In My Bag?

So, what do I ALWAYS have in my bag, wherever I go…

My Camera is always to hand.  You just never know when an interesting photo opportunity may present itself!  I am a big fan of Canon cameras – I never use anything else.

My iPhone is never far away!  I often kill time whilst travelling by answering emails and social networking (and there is always solitaire!).

Notebook and Pens.  I am always writing, whether it’s a shopping list, a to do list or ideas for topics to write about, so I always have a pen and a notebook close by.

iPod Touch.  I love listening to music and find it relaxing when I’m travelling.

A Guide Book. I always carry a guide book with me for wherever I am going – I hate to think I might have missed something I should have seen/experienced!  Also, whilst I love to wander around new places, I don’t like getting hopelessly lost.  My favourite travel guides are by Lonely Planet.

My Diary.  I know most people organise their lives through online calendars nowadays but I still prefer a paper diary – I just find it so much easier to use!

My purse – you can’t get far without money/cards!

Lip Balm.  I often have dry lips and find aeroplane travel makes this worse.  Sun and wind can also be drying for your lips so I always keep a decent lip balm to hand.  I particularly like Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.

Hand Cream.  I find that my hands get really dry, particularly in winter.  My favourite hand cream at the moment is Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream.

Wet wipes.  Wet wipes can be used to clean off almost anything – particularly handy when you’re out and about with kids!

As you can probably tell from this rather lengthy list, I don’t carry a small handbag… ever!!

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