My Top 10 Tips for Travelling Well for Less

  • Do your research!  This is the key to getting the best deal… shop around to get the best prices.
  • Check out prices for package holidays to your destination as well as costs for travelling independently.  Sometimes it works out cheaper to book a package (even if there are parts of it you will not use).
  • It is usually best to book flights as far in advance as possible.  As a general rule, flight prices increase the closer you get to your date of travel.

  • Travel off-peak if you can – check what time of day/day/holiday periods are most expensive and avoid them (if possible).  Travelling at peak times will always cost you a premium.

  • Look for deals when booking hotels, such as breakfast included, free kids, etc.

  • Check price comparison sites but keep in mind that they do not always offer the best rate – sometimes it is cheaper to book direct.
  • Sign up for frequent flyer and hotel reward schemes.  If you travel a lot, your points will soon mount up and you could earn yourself an upgrade or a free hotel stay.
  • It is always worth asking travel agents if they will beat prices you have found online or through other agents – they want your business after all!

  • Never be afraid to ask for an upgrade – if you don’t ask you won’t get!
  • If you are only going on a short trip, just take carry-on luggage.  It will save you time as well as money!


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