How to have a Sizzling Summer Staycation!

Not going away this year?  Here’s how to make the most of your summer holiday at home…

  • Find out what’s on locally – there are always plenty of outdoor events to go to in summer, such as summer fairs, local festivals, etc.

  • Visit local museums, historic houses, nature reserves, parks, etc.

  • Head to your nearest beach for the day – being near the sea always makes you feel like you are really on holiday!

  • Look for local attractions that you have never been to before and go and check them out – we usually explore when we go away, but we often forget to explore our local area. There could be all sorts of interesting things to do on your doorstep – get out there and find them!

  • Do things you would normally do on holiday but would not usually do at home: walk round in flip-flops all day; eat ice creams; do silly things without worrying about someone you know seeing you (don’t take it too far though!).

  • Find out if there is an aquapark near you – they are great fun on a sunny day!
  • If you have children, check out your local library. They often have activities on in the summer holidays for free or for a small charge.
  • Go for a picnic – there’s nothing nicer than sitting by a lake, a river or in a lovely park with a picnic on a sunny summer’s day!

  • Got a tent? Why not pitch it in your garden and spend a night under the stars?  Then wake up and enjoy a breakfast cooked outdoors…

  • Find a pick your own fruit farm and get out in the fresh air and pick yourself a healthy snack?
  • Get crafty! Always fancied jewellery making but never normally have the time?  Get down to your local craft shop for some supplies then find a YouTube video to get you started.

  • Visit your local leisure centre and check out some fitness classes… And if you have children, many offer holiday clubs where they can do lots of fun activities.

  • Make sure you still relax and take a break. If you don’t normally cook on holiday, don’t do it on your staycation – visit local cafes and restaurants instead… and leave the housework for a while too!

  • Lastly, don’t forget to send postcards to family and friends so they know what you are up to!

So to sum up… make the most of it!  Get out of the house and explore and have fun, the same as you would if you were away on holiday!

Need some inspiration?  Check out:

  • Local newspapers
  • The local leisure centre
  • Your local library
  • Websites for wildlife trusts, historic buildings, etc such as Visit England, RSPBEnglish Heritage and National Trust (these are specific to England/UK, so find out which websites to check out where you are)
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