Kit Review: The Vango Farnham 500 Tent

We had a small 3-man Vango tent many years ago and loved it – it was great quality and easy to put up – so when it came to buying a new tent we looked to Vango again.

Our main requirements were:

  • a tent that was easy to put up
  • had a decent sized living space which we could stand up in
  • a sewn-in groundsheet
  • a porch (useful for removing muddy shoes before entering)
  • big enough for 3 people and LOTS of camping equipment

There were plenty of options out there but the 5-man Farnham 500 tunnel tent looked to be just what we needed…

It arrived neatly packed in a sturdy, easy to carry bag… but how easy would it be to get it back into it after we’d used it!?

We got to our campsite (a friend’s back garden on this occasion!) and set to work pitching the tent – it was pretty straightforward with two of us and there were plenty of tent pegs provided.  After around 15 minutes it was fully erected and looking good!

The living space was a fantastic size, with plenty of space for any length camping trip, and it had plenty of windows to let the light in too. The bedrooms were also a good size and were high enough to stand up in. So we inflated our airbeds and went off for the day.

After a good night’s sleep, we opened up the curtains (which roll up very neatly) to admire the view and I have to say the windows are some of the clearest I have ever seen in a tent!  We were very impressed!

We camped in a very sheltered spot so the wind wasn’t an issue, but the Farnham 500 has substantial storm straps so I don’t think it would be a problem even on the blusteriest of days.

After two nights under canvas, it was time to pack the Farnham 500 away.  Less than 10 minutes later it was folded up and back neatly in its bag (so our initial concerns were unfounded – it fitted back in easily)…

So would I recommend the Vango Farnham 500?

Definitely!  It’s well-made, easy to put up/take down, has plenty of space, the porch extension at the front is great for removing shoes/sitting out under, there was no condensation inside the tent on either morning (good ventilation), the windows are very clear (so you can admire those views!) and it looks great!

My Star Rating: 5/5

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