In Brief: Why I Love Road Trips

People often ask me what my favourite type of holiday is. And the answer, to be honest, is that I like most holidays… a holiday is a holiday after all!! I am never happier than when I am exploring somewhere new, hearing a different language and experiencing unfamiliar sights and sounds.

And that got me thinking… If I could only pick one type of holiday to take, what would I choose? A package holiday, backpacking, camping, a road trip, a safari, a cruise, a city break… there are so many options open to us.

But after thinking about our most recent trips, I realised that my favourite by far was our road trip round France last year…

What I love most about road trips is that you have the freedom to go where you want at your own pace, stopping wherever you fancy. In France, we stayed overnight at some beautiful accommodation, simply because it was in the direction we were planning to go. The B&Bs were in places we would never have gone to otherwise as they were not near anywhere we particularly wanted to visit and were in areas we knew little about.  Yet, these stops really added to the enjoyment of the trip overall because the accommodation was unique and the surroundings were stunning.

I think the other thing I enjoy on a road trip is really seeing the country… if you fly, you don’t get to see the towns and countryside changing as they flash by. I feel that travelling through a country by car allows you to take in the landscapes and gives you the chance to stop whenever something catches your eye. You get to see places and experience things you wouldn’t do travelling by plane or even by bus.

And finally… I’m not very good at travelling light so going by car is a dream!  It means I can throw in pretty much anything I think I might need without having to worry about space and being charged excess baggage fees!  The fact that we usually return having not used around 50% of what I took is, of course, completely irrelevant…

Which I guess means that the answer to the question would probably be, if I could only take one type of holiday for the rest of my life, it would have to be road trips!

So, what’s your favourite type of holiday?

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5 thoughts on “In Brief: Why I Love Road Trips

    • says:

      I get car sick if I’m sitting in the back but I’m fine in the front! Road trips are great fun though!
      Kate x

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