My Most Amazing Travel Experiences

I have been fortunate to go to lots of beautiful places over the years, but there are some experiences I have had that will stay with me forever…

  • Visiting the ruins of Palenque, Mexico first thing in the morning before the masses arrived and with the mist still hanging low over the forest.

  • Watching the sunset over beautiful Rio de Janeiro from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.

  • Seeing a pod of dolphins jumping and swimming alongside our boat in The Maldives.

  • Taking a 4WD trip into the desert in Dubai, then watching the sun setting whilst riding a camel over the sand dunes.

  • Night canoeing in the Amazon – hearing the sounds of the jungle in the darkness was incredible, if slightly unnerving!

  • Going on a two week road trip round Scotland. There were stunning mountains and lochs wherever you looked.

  • Visiting the Abuko Nature Reserve in The Gambia. It was tranquil and beautiful, but teeming with wildlife.

  • Camping at Souter Lighthouse before the Great North Run – such a stunning location to wake up in… even if I did then have to get up and run 13.1 miles!

  • Watching a rocket blast off into space from Cape Canaveral Airforce Base in Florida – an amazing experience and probably not one I will ever have again.

  • Flying back from New York first class – it’s certainly a whole different experience to travelling economy!

  • Looking out over NYC from Top of the Rock – what a fantastic view of the City!

  • Skiing in Courchevel… such a lovely resort and with stunning views of Mont Blanc as you head down the pistes.

  • Visiting the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Beautiful architecture, covered in intricate Moorish patterns and with a great view of Granada to boot.

  • Sailing to the Channel Islands was an incredible experience – I felt like an explorer setting off on a round-the-world voyage!

  • Spending Christmas at Center Parks in the Lake District and waking up on Christmas Day to a snow-covered forest and frozen lake.

And, hopefully, I will have even more amazing experiences to add to this list in the future…

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8 thoughts on “My Most Amazing Travel Experiences

  1. Issy says:

    Wow you’ve been to some incredible places! I couldn’t even say which one looks the most amazing, what beautiful photos too. Night canoeing around the Amazon must have been a little scary! I came back from Peru in July and we went out around 3am on our boat and speeding down the river in the early hours was pretty frightening but amazing too!


    • says:

      Thank you – I know I’ve been very lucky! Night canoeing was slightly eerie, but incredible at the same time…
      Kate xx

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