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I recently went on holiday to Budapest with my family. It was our first time there and my second time abroad and I can honestly say that I had a fantastic time! Here are the top five places that I would recommend visiting in Budapest to make your holiday that bit extra fun!

  • Heroes Square


We spent the day here and had a brilliant time. It is a lovely place for learning about the history of Budapest and for taking photographs. Heroes Square is a square full of statues of the Heroes of Budapest, people that the people of Budapest believe have acted as a hero for the people of Budapest. I thought this was such a lovely idea! There are also gardens full of beautiful flowers to walk around and enjoy. The architecture there is spectacular and although we didn’t get a chance to explore inside  it properly I did note that live music takes place there regularly and tourists do have permission to explore at least some parts of the buildings.

  • Budapest Waterfall; Budapest Gellért tér


I would recommend going here on a day that’s not too hot as the day we went it was a scorching hot day which made climbing up the hill to the top around the waterfall virtually impossible unless of course you are used to heat but living in Ireland where it’s pretty much cold all of the time we certainly weren’t!!

  • Boat trip


Boat trips on the River Danube are a great way to see the city at a different angle especially in the evening time when you can see the sunset. Most boat tour guides also give a brief history of the buildings and important historical monuments that you pass as well as the city as well. Boat trips are also a fantastic way to take beautiful evening photographs, spend time with your fellow holiday makers and just relax and take in the sights.

  • Spend a day in the city

Exploring the day wandering around the streets of Budapest can be just as fun as going on a tour. I loved going from shop to shop to purchase different souvenirs for my friends back home. There is a variety of restaurants to try different types of food. There’s nearly always an ice cream shop or kiosk on every corner

  • Buda Hill Funicular

I hadn’t been on a funicular before and if you are the same I’d definitely recommend, although in fairness I would probably go on it again if given the chance! As far as I remember it cost around four euro to go on it which included a return ticket. It is a very short trip up the hill but definitely worth it to at least try it once! Up at the top of the hill is a castle with beautiful grounds and flowers to explore. You can also explore the little museums and galleries there.


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      I’ve never been – I’d love to go so I’ll add your suggestions to my list of things to do!
      Kate x

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