Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market 2017

We had a rare free weekend last week so decided to get into the Christmas spirit and visit Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market… we had been before but not for a few years.

It was a cold day so we wrapped up warmly and headed off to Birmingham.  Parking was easier than I’d anticipated and then it was just a short stroll to the start of the market, with its traditional, wooden chalet-style stalls full of sweets, gifts and decorations!  It was pretty busy but not enough to make moving around an issue.

The main part of the market was in Victoria Square and was full of stalls selling Christmas goodies, mouth-watering food and live music.  Our first stop was for warm churros and chocolate – they were delicious and warmed us up on a cold but sunny November day.  We stood and listened to the music for a while before moving on…

We wandered around a bit more, buying a few decorations and gifts, then headed back to the square to try out the gluwhein (me), beer (Matt) and hot chocolate (Freya).  Matt was shocked by the price of the drinks until he realised there was a deposit for the mugs/glasses, which would be returned to him if he took them back to the bar… I confessed right away that Freya and I had no intention of returning our very cute mugs so it was indeed going to be an expensive round! We sat on the steps and drank our drinks (which were all very good) whilst listening to the live music and watching everyone milling around the twinkling stalls.

After a little more browsing (and toy and sweet buying!) we strolled back to the car, having spent a very pleasant few hours enjoying this fantastic Christmas Market.  If you are local, it is definitely worth going to – live entertainment, a great atmosphere and lots of lovely things to buy… it definitely got me in the mood for Christmas!

Kate x



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4 thoughts on “Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market 2017

  1. Hello Bexa says:

    Great post Kate! 💕 I’ve never heard of paying a deposit for a mug or glass before but I guess that’s a clever idea really. Looks like you had a great time & your photography is brilliant! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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