My Guest Post for Bookish Owlette

So today’s post is a little different. It is about my guest post on Bookish Owlette‘s blog… but I’m going to let her introduce the idea behind this series of guest posts:

“So my birthday is finally upon us. Yay!…is probably how most people react. However, being an extreme introvert and one who generally avoids all forms of celebration, nope. Just no. I’m a forever young kind of gal, and avoid anything that reminds me of ‘leveling up’ so birthdays are a no go for me. Therefore, instead of doing what I noticed most bloggers do. That is, posting birthday related content and ‘what I learned’, ‘how I changed’ stuff {Which is fine.} I decided I’m going to shine the spotlight onto other wonderful bloggers!”

(You can find the full post here: Birthday Featurama)

My guest post is about Travel and Christmas – two of my favourite things – and you can check it out here: Ditching Christmas

There are lots of other bloggers involved, so please head over and check their posts out too!

Happy Travelling!

Kate x 


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