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I’ve been looking through many of my photos recently and there have been some that have really jumped out at me, whether it was because of special memories associated with them or because I felt the image worked really well for some reason… this made me wonder whether I could narrow a handful of images down as standing out in my collection.  So here is the first instalment of my very favourite travel photographs, all of which were taken by me on various trips over the years.  Some of these images were shot using film and scanned in and the more recent ones are digital images…

This first one is taken in the French Alps near Tignes.  I am a big fan of mountains and this was taken mid-way through a fantastic road trip around France (see more here Road Trip Round France). I love it as it reminds me of an amazing holiday but also I love how the photo has turned out. There is depth and, whilst it’s a sunny day, the mountains still look somewhat menacing!

This second photo is taken in the main square in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.  This young girl – she was maybe 8 years old – was selling Zapatista dolls to tourists for a couple of pesos.  She was incredibly un-childlike: she was dressed like an adult and was clearly used to hard work already. She was on the square selling every day I was there, from morning until night, instead of being at school. I’ll always remember her solemn face, which was chapped and dry from the cold…

This photo was taken standing at the bottom of the CN Tower in Toronto during a road trip across eastern Canada many years ago.  I chose it as I really like how it came out: the slightly unusual perspective, where the Tower is looming over you, seemingly disappearing up into the sky…

I like this shot taken on the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway in Mexico, purely because it reminds me of a fantastic train journey!  The journey takes around 16 hours and passes through some stunning scenery, including Mexico’s massive Copper Canyon. You can find out more about it here: Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico)

I chose this shot of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro as I love the composition – it is a well-balanced shot, which illustrates the beauty of this unfeasibly stunning city.  We had just walked along the beach when I took this photo from up on the promenade, with its crazy paving… it sums up the geography of Rio perfectly: its gorgeous beaches backed by undulating, lush, green mountains.

Staying in South America, this next photo is of the impressive Iguazu Falls, which can be seen from both Brazil and Argentina.  The amount of water cascading over the falls mixing with the sunlight throws up some incredible rainbows on a sunny day!

I love this close-up shot of the Statue of Liberty… she looks so powerful from this angle! I think it works so well because it was a beautiful day so she stands out against the bright, blue sky.  It is also a reminder of a fabulous trip to New York!

I like this shot of Hall’s Croft in Stratford-Upon-Avon because I think the path in the centre leads you towards the beautiful, timber-framed house and gives real depth to the image.  It’s such a pretty house and the gardens are lovely… well worth a visit if you’re nearby (you can read more about my visit here: A few Days in Stratford-upon-Avon).

This next shot was taken some years ago whilst out sailing with friends… I chose it not so much for the composition or because I think the photo is technically that outstanding (although I think it works well, given that it does not follow the rule of thirds), but because it reminds me of happy times spent sailing over to the Isle of Wight from Southampton with friends.

My last photo is taken in Trinidad in Cuba.  I have only been to Cuba once but I loved it – I adored the beautiful (if rather crumbling in many cases) colonial buildings, the big, old American cars, the music and the fantastic atmosphere.  It was one of my favourite trips and I would love to go back again some time…

So that’s it… you’ve seen ten of my very favourite travel photos! I hope you have enjoyed looking at these images as much as I have had choosing them!  I hope it will inspire you to look back at some of your own photos…

Happy Travelling!

Kate x

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