My Favourite Souvenirs

I’ll be honest, I can’t resist a souvenir, however tacky it may be!  I have this need to surround myself at home with items I have bought on my travels.  Even the cloakroom is decorated with pictures from Brazil, dolls from India, a wooden statue from the Gambia, a vase from the Maldives… you get the picture, right?!

I like having these things around me – they are a daily reminder of my adventures, which got me thinking… which are my favourite travel souvenirs, and why?

Pictures from Cuba

I love the two paintings we bought back from Cuba. They hang in the living room and their vibrant colours brighten up my day and remind me of a great holiday.  I’d love to go back to Cuba one day…

Wooden Masks from Mexico

I bought two small, wooden masks (the right-hand one represents the pre-Hispanic god, Chaac, the God of Rain) back from my first trip to Mexico many years ago and they’ve been on display in my study ever since.

Perfume Bottles from Dubai

Arabic perfume bottles are so pretty and ornate and they look great on my dressing table! And the perfume oil is also divine, if rather strong – you only need a very small amount!

Carved Statue from the Gambia

I love this wooden statue as it is a reminder of my first – and only – trip to Africa (so far). And this is no small wooden carving – it took up the whole length of our suitcase and I almost had to leave items behind in order to get it back home!

Baubles from Disneyworld, Florida and Disneyland, Paris


Even though both my trips to Disney Parks were in summer, it did not deter me from buying Christmas decorations (why would it??).  I love all the beautiful Disney baubles I brought back (and I did bring a lot of them back!) so that we could have a Disney-themed Christmas!

But my favourite souvenirs of all are, of course, all the wonderful memories we have made on our travels!

Happy Travelling!

Kate x

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8 thoughts on “My Favourite Souvenirs

  1. Love this post! I’ve been thinking of writing about my favourite souvenirs too, I agree it’s lovely looking around your home and seeing things that remind you of your travels!

    1. Thank you! I love everything I’ve brought back from my travels to be honest – it was difficult to chose my favourites!
      Kate x

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