The B&M £20 Challenge: Travel

I was set the challenge by B&M to buy as much as I could from my local store for just £20 this month!  As my passion is travel, I decided I would see how many travel-related items I could buy with the £20 – let’s be honest, money is often quite tight after Christmas so this was a very useful exercise!

So I headed down to my nearest store to see what goodies I could find for my £20 budget…

Pin Board/White Board – £2.99

This was a bargain for only £2.99… I am going to put it on the wall in my office and use it for planning my trips – I can pin information, tickets, etc to the cork board and make notes on the whiteboard side.  I can’t wait to get started!

Travel Mug & Flask Set – £6.99

This flask and mug set is so handy for when you are on the road – I am a big tea drinker and regularly drink whilst on the run so will get lots of use out of these items!

Cosmetic Bag Set – £2.99

This cute, sparkly cosmetic bag set contains 2 lip glosses, an eye pencil, blusher and mascara, which is great as that is pretty much all the make up I wear on a day-to-day basis. It should have been £4.99 but was reduced to only £2.99.  It’s the perfect size for taking with me when I’m travelling.

Sparkly Notebook – £2.49

I am a big note-taker and always have a notebook with me to jot down any flashes of inspiration I have whilst I’m out and about.  I love the colour of this book (and the fact that it’s sparkly of course!) and the size is just right for slipping in my bag.

Zebra Pen Set – £1.69

I loved the animal prints on this set of three pens. I always carry pens in my bag and thought these look much more fun than my normal black biros!

Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes (2 pack) – £1.00

These face wipes are so handy when you are travelling – I always take a pack with me wherever I go.  They are great for freshening up en route, for camping and also for festivals where facilities are pretty basic.

Hair bands – £1.00

I love these hair bands – they are great for keeping your hair out of your face when it’s hot (and I use them when I’m running too).

Handbag Hair Brush – 89p

I always keep a small hair brush in my bag and this one is a great size – perfect for when you are travelling light.


This was such a fun challenge and I’m pretty pleased (and quite amazed to be honest!) with how much I managed to buy from B&M for only £20.00… What do you think? Could you do better – let me know?

Kate x

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