Let’s Learn Spanish!

Today’s post is a little different to my usual travel posts. I’m going to try and teach you a few useful words and phrases in Spanish that you can try out on your next visit to a Spanish speaking country… I hope you’re ready to give it a little go?

The main thing to remember with Spanish is that it is a phonetic language (unlike English) so you have to pronounce every letter you see (pretty much)…

Useful Words

Por favor – please

Gracias – thank you

– yes

No – no


Greeting Someone/Saying Goodbye

Hola – hello (informal)

Buenos días – good day (before lunchtime so really = good morning)

Buenas tardes – good afternoon

Buenas noches – good evening/night


Adiós – Goodbye

Hasta luego/pronto – see you later/soon


Getting to Know Someone

¿Cómo te llamas? – what’s your name? (informal)

¿Cómo se llama usted? – what’s your name? (formal)

Me llamo… – my name is…

Soy… – I am…


Este es Juan – this is John

Esta es María – this is Maria


Mucho gusto – pleased to meet you

Encantado/a – pleased to meet you (m/f)


¿Cómo está(s)? – How are you? (formal without the ‘s’/informal with the ‘s’ on the end)

¿Qué tal? – How’s it going/how are you? (used in a more informal setting, ie with friends)

(Muy) bien, gracias – (very) well, thank you


¿Cuántos años tiene/s? – how old are you? (formal without the ‘s’/informal with the ‘s’ on)

Tengo …… años – I am …… years old


¿Dónde vive(s)? – where do you live? (formal without the ‘s’/informal with the ‘s’ on)

Vivo en… I live in…


¿De dónde es/eres? – where are you from? (formal =es/informal = eres)

Soy de Inglaterra / Soy de los Estados Unidos – I’m from England/the USA

Soy inglés/inglesa / Soy americano/americana – I’m English (m/f) / I am American (m/f)



Uno – 1

Dos – 2

Tres – 3

Cuatro – 4

Cinco – 5

Seis – 6

Siete – 7

Ocho – 8

Nueve – 9

Diez – 10

So how did you find your first Spanish lesson?  I hope it was useful and that it has inspired you to find out more about language learning.  It really can enrich your travel experiences!

Let me know how you get on!

Happy Travelling!

Kate x

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