My Favourite Beaches

There’s nothing better than going down to the beach on a warm, sunny day… whether it’s to just lay back and relax with a book or to jump into the sea for a swim.  To be honest, I like going to the beach even when it’s not a warm, sunny day – going to the beach in winter can be just as much fun providing you wrap up warm!

I love all different types of beaches and here are five of my favourites, as well as an explanation of the reasons why I chose them…

Tulum, Mexico

This beach is beautiful because of its dramatic backdrop as much as for the clear, turquoise sea and white, sandy beach. The incredible Mayan ruins of Tulum are right next to the beach and make for a picture postcard setting… and one which regularly makes its way onto the pages of glossy magazines!

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I couldn’t make a list of my favourite beaches without including probably the most famous beach in the world… the iconic Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.  It’s such a lovely beach with a stunning backdrop – and with equally stunning people sunbathing, walking and working out on it! I don’t think there can be many more beautiful beaches in the world than Copacabana!

Croyde Bay, Devon, UK

Croyde is, without doubt, my favourite beach in the UK.  It is wide, with plenty of sand dunes to settle down in for a peaceful day at the beach, away from the wind. It is also a great beach for heading out into the sea bodyboarding and surfing.  And it is only a short walk from the local campsite, meaning you don’t have to walk too far with all your gear!

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero’s uncrowded, long, sandy beaches are perfect for relaxing on and are extremely family-friendly.  The sea is clear and calm and perfect for swimming and water sports… what’s not to love?

Albufeira, Portugal

I love the beautiful coves around Albufeira – they are picturesque, sheltered and laid-back.  Perfect beaches for kicking back and relaxing… I particularly like this beach as there are a number of great restaurants and bars right next to it so you don’t have to move too far to get your lunch!

So there you have it… a selection of my favourite beaches that I have visited so far. Why not let me know which beaches you love and why?

Happy Travelling

Kate x

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6 thoughts on “My Favourite Beaches

  1. Marikah says:

    This seems like some really lovely places! Definitely beautiful pictures. I love it. Makes me want to go swimming so badly! Great post.

    • says:

      There’s so much to do in Cornwall – we love it! Croyde Bay is definitely worth a visit if you get chance to go…
      Kate x

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