Treating travel like a reward

Taking a relaxing break away from the day-to-day can be a great way to recharge your batteries. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend, or you’re looking for something a little more energetic, there’s no limit to where you could go and what you could do.

But there are some ways to help build up the anticipation that you feel over a holiday and make it feel that much more deserved once you finally do get to go. This blog goes over some of the ways that holidays and travelling can be treat more like a reward.

Travelling through work

A lot of companies have great schemes in place that make travel feel that much better by turning travel into an actual incentive reward. For example, what some companies will do is to set certain targets that they’d like staff to meet.

It could be that they want a team to receive a certain amount of positive feedback in a month, or they’d like the business overall to sell a certain amount of products within a certain time frame.

To help encourage staff to meet whatever targets have been set, a business might co-operate with an events company who offer incentive reward services like CR Events –

Businesses would tell their employees that a weekend away at a holiday resort is going to be one of the top prizes, and the events company would take care of the planning and organisation of the trip. Essentially, doing your job and doing it well becomes its own reward, and well-performing staff get fantastically relaxing and memorable experience away from the office in any number of exotic locations.

Set yourself personal goals

Of course, you can treat travel as a reward just as effectively in your daily life too! What you could do is set yourself some goals that you’ve wanted to meet for a while, and use travel as that extra motivational kick.

You could set yourself a fitness related goal like you want to be able to run 10km in under a certain time limit within two months. You could set yourself a financial goal like you want to save at least a certain amount of money each month for a year.  If you set a savings-related goal, then maybe you could use some of that money you’ve saved as spending money holiday so you can really treat yourself whilst you’re on holiday.

Your goals could be anything at all you choose them to be. But by adding the extra motivation of a relaxing holiday if you meet your goals, you’ve got a great way to help ensure that you’re as committed to meeting them as you possibly can be.

Tick off milestones and don’t be too hard on yourself

When you set yourself a more long-term goal, it might be harder to keep your motivation up as the months roll on. One thing you could do to help remedy that feeling is to break your goal down into smaller pieces. If you want to take a well-earned holiday sometime next year, turn a yearly goal into a monthly goal so that each individual milestone feels easier to achieve.

For example, maybe you’re trying to learn an instrument from scratch, which is no small task. Instead of saying you’re going to attend 52 piano lessons this year, break it down and say instead that you’re going to attend 1 piano lesson each week. The fact you have smaller milestones can help give you a sense of achievement at the end of each week.

It’s still technically the same amount of work no matter what your goal is, but it helps to add that sense of achievement as you chart your progress and tick off the days. Nearer the end, you’ll likely just be feeling great as you start to see your holiday will only be in a scant few weeks!


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