Crazy for Camping!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you will know I love camping and being outdoors generally, so I decided that I should write a short post explaining why I like nothing better than to pack up the car and head out into the countryside with a tent and a gas stove… won’t you join me?

I know a lot of people grew up with camping and it has always been a part of their lives, but I wasn’t one of those people… my parents are most definitely not the camping types! So I didn’t really get into camping until my late teens/early twenties when I started going away with friends (initially to festivals to be honest, which are a totally different camping experience altogether!).

I suppose that the main reason I enjoy camping is that I just love being outdoors… there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and unzipping the tent to breath in the fresh air and admire the views.  You just don’t get the same feeling when you wake up in a hotel room!  Whilst hotels are undoubtedly comfier, I would rather wake up in a tent any day… providing the weather is good of course!  It’s not quite the same on a grey, drizzly morning…

I like the fact that campsites are usually sociable places (unlike most hotels) – you sit outside your tent and chat to your neighbours, you chat to people whilst you wash your dirty pots and whilst getting ready in the morning in the washrooms. I have generally found campers to be a pretty friendly bunch, always willing to help out, whether that is lending extra pairs of hands to put up a tent in howling gales or producing a lighter when you can’t find yours to light your stove.  We have often enjoyed tea (or something stronger!) with the people in the next tent and I like this camaraderie that you don’t often find at other types of accommodation.

I am a massive fan of the camping breakfast!!  A full English breakfast cooked on a stove and eaten outside is my favourite type of breakfast ever – cooked breakfast just doesn’t taste the same eaten indoors it would seem!  Whilst it is obviously more time consuming cooking a full breakfast on a small stove, it is a lot more fun and the end result is always worth it. And then there are the BBQs… you can’t go camping and not do at least one BBQ!  I guess what I am trying to say is that I think food tastes so much better outdoors!

I also love the freedom that camping allows you… on a small, rural campsite there are few rules and the atmosphere is usually pretty laid back.  It is far removed from my hectic, everyday, urban life with its constraints – camping is my escape from reality.  Want even more freedom?  Then head to Scotland where wild camping is permitted on most unenclosed land… so you can pick a beautiful spot and pitch your tent for the night away from the crowds.

In the evening, after heading to the shower blocks (not usually my favourite thing about camping it must be said!) we like to sit outside for a short while, wrapped up warm, enjoying the peace and quiet and gazing up at the stars… it’s such a great way to end the day.

So that’s why I love to go camping whenever and wherever I can…

Happy camping!

Kate x

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6 thoughts on “Crazy for Camping!

  1. Campers are certainly a friendly bunch! We try to go camping at least once a month though our experience these days is a bit different. We upgraded to a small camper after a horrendous tent camping experience a couple years ago. Still love a good tent camping trip though!

    1. We had a camper for a while (after a few bad tent experiences too!) but have recently gone back to a tent…
      Kate x

  2. I love the outdoors and I really want to get into camping. I never have time though, and no one I know really likes to camp. Maybe I’ll just have to force them to go with me lol. Great post, I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Thank you – glad you enjoyed it! Persuade your friends to go camping with you – they’ll love it!
      Kate x

    1. I agree – who doesn’t love a campfire! Unfortunately nowadays most sites in the UK don’t allow campfires, which is such a pity!
      Kate x

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