In Brief: Inspiring Adventurers

There are a few people I’ve heard speak, watched on television or whose books about travel I’ve read that have really fired up my love for travel and exploring new places, so I thought I would do a short post on who my favourite modern-day travellers are and why I find them so inspirational…

Michael Palin

No list of modern explorers would be complete without Michael Palin… his travels are widely documented on TV and in his many lively, well-written books.  He’s travelled to so many exciting destinations and encountered so many colourful characters that you can’t help but be inspired by him. If you love travel, you’ll love reading about his exploits!

Benedict Allen

I heard Benedict Allen speak at the National Geographic Traveller Festival and I found him an incredibly interesting and engaging speaker who reignited my love for adventure travel with his exciting talk and fascinating photos of his time in Papua New Guinea.  He is a true modern day explorer who loves encountering remote tribes and learning about their way of life!

Simon Reeve 

I have really enjoyed Simon Reeve’s TV travel documentaries on little explored parts of the world… I particularly enjoyed his programs on the Stans and Russia, both regions I did not know much about beforehand.  I am going to see him on tour in October, which I am really looking forward to.

Tim Moore

I heard Tim Moore speak about his journey along the the length of the Iron Curtain by bike at the Stanford Travel Writer’s Festival in February and I was enthralled.  He did the lengthy journey on a VERY basic bike with no support, starting off in the middle of winter… it sounded such an amazing adventure that, even as a non-cyclist, I was truly impressed!

So these are a few of the modern day explorers and adventurers who make me want to get off the beaten track and see much, much more of the world…

Who are your favourite explorers and why do they inspire you to travel?

Happy Travelling!


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