Amazing Adventures, Fantastic Food

As you probably know if you’ve read any of my previous posts, I love travel and I also love food! And this post combines two of the main ingredients (sorry!) in my life… a few of my favourite destinations and some of my very favourite cuisines! For me, the food I eat when I am travelling is a big part of the experience – I love to try local dishes wherever I am (I’m definitely not one of those people who goes on holiday and looks for the nearest English chippy or fast food joint!).

So this post is about two of my very favourite destinations and their fantastic food as well as the strangest food I have eaten to date and the cuisine I would most like to try…


I love Dubai – it is such a vibrant place, with so much to offer, both in terms of entertainment and cuisine.  We ate a variety of different cuisines in Dubai – from traditional Arabic meals (although this in itself encompasses various types of food from the Arab world) to Lebanese (very popular in Dubai) to Indian.  The diversity of the food available of course reflects the diverse population living in Dubai and, also, the diversity of the Arab region as a whole.  Make sure you try the delicious, freshly-baked flatbreads (khubz) and kefta (similar to a kebab). And for dessert, try kunafeh – which is cheesecake-like and is found throughout much of the Arab world.

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Mexico is one of my favourite countries to visit.  I love the diversity you find there, from the climate, to the languages to the food – there cannot be too many countries which offer as much variety.  So why do I Iove Mexican food?  Well, apart from the fact that it reminds me of some fantastic trips to the country, I absolutely love spicy food.  Chillis with every meal suits me fine!

I am a big fan of tortilla wraps and filled tacos (see below) with a large dollop of guacamole and spicy salsa on the side – yum!  And almost always accompanied by refried beans and a cold bottle of cerveza of course!

My Most Unusual Food Experience…

… and certainly my most memorable one, was on a trip into the Brazilian Amazon many years ago with local guides. I was persuaded (and it did take quite a lot of arm-twisting) to try a live grub which one of the guides removed from a certain plant (the name of which escapes me – which is probably for the best!).  It is the only time I have eaten anything which was still alive (other than the odd flying insect whilst out running!).  Quite honestly, it didn’t really taste of anything so I couldn’t say if I enjoyed it or not. What I will say, is that it is not an experience I am planning to repeat – unless I ever get stranded in the middle of nowhere without food of course!

And lastly, the cuisine I would most like to try…

… is Caribbean. I have not really eaten much Caribbean food and it always sounds such an appealing fusion of many different cuisines and this for me is what makes it exciting… so watch this space!

So what have been your favourite foods you’ve eaten on your travels?  And what about the strangest thing you have ever eaten – can you beat mine?

Happy Travelling!


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4 thoughts on “Amazing Adventures, Fantastic Food

    1. I’m not sure I could eat one now – I was a lot younger and more reckless then lol!!
      Kate x

  1. Wow that sounds like an interesting experience to eat live grub, I don’t think I would be able to do it just because the mere idea of it creeps me out. I love your anecdote about it being the only time you’ve purposefully eaten a bug alive not including runs, I can relate to that haha. Sounds like you’ve had some amazing food adventures.

    Have a good weekend dude 🙂

    1. Yep – eating a grub was definitely a one off! I’ve been very lucky to eat in so many amazing places!
      Happy Travelling!
      Kate x

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