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Today’s blog post is slightly off-topic… I want to talk about something else that I’m passionate about (yes, I do have another passion other than travel!) – photography.  This is not a post on taking better photos, but just a reflection on why I enjoy photography and a look at some of my favourite themes and effects. Whilst photography is, of course, a big part of my travel blogging, I also do a lot of creative photography as well, which you can find at Kate Kreates if you are interested in having a look or giving me a follow… it’s a fairly new account so I am still uploading photos all the time.


Photography is undoubtedly an important part of blogging – for most people, a good header photo is what makes them decide whether to read a post/article or not. But photography is much more – it keeps some memories alive which might otherwise have been forgotten, it’s a hobby, it’s a career, it’s an artistic outlet… well, it is for me at least!

When Did I Start?

Photography has been a big part of my life since I got my very first camera when I was about 12 years old – it was a blue Konika Pop (film camera – remember those?) and I was so proud of it!  Since that time, I have been taken with the idea of capturing what’s around me – and I still enjoy looking back at some of my first ever photos, even though they are technically not that good!

I got into the more creative aspects of photography when I decided to do a Photography A Level at college – it opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities of what I could achieve with my camera and a laptop… As someone who started out using film, digital photography offered so much more creative flexibility – I could do things to my images that I could never have done using film!

My Favourite Themes

So here are some of my favourite themes and photos – some are natural, unprocessed images which have not been edited, but others have clearly been digitally manipulated to create a specific effect.


Obviously, one of my main focuses is travel photography. That said, many of the photos I use in my travel blog were never taken to be shown to anyone other than family and friends originally – I have only been travel blogging for a year so most of the images I use (other than the most recent) are just holiday snaps!

The Alhambra Palace from the Generalife Gardens


You can get some amazing shots at sunset (and at sunrise). Even the most mundane scene can look amazing bathed in orange and pink light ,so make sure you get out there at the start or end of the day to capture the world in this beautiful light!

Sunset over Loch Lomond


I love going out walking and looking for naturally beautiful things to photograph – nature offers so many incredible things that make stunning photographs… from flowers to animals to landscapes.



I love close-up photography – I like the idea of showing objects from a different perspective,  and in so much detail.  And you can do macro photography on absolutely anything – from wildlife to people to inanimate objects.



Slow Shutter Speed

This is a technique I use quite often as it creates an effect that I really like – it shows movement in the image which can work really well when photographing people going about their lives or with water, car headlights or fireworks.  The photo below is of people watching a bonfire/firework display – I put my camera on a tripod (essential for avoiding camera shake) and set the shutter speed to 30 seconds…

Ghostly Figures in the Night?


I love merging two (or sometimes more) images to see what I can create.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – it’s trial and error mostly! But don’t be afraid to experiment… that’s what art is all about after all.  The image below is made up of a photo taken outside Camden market and one taken inside…

Camden Inside Out


I love using filters – you can make all sorts of great images by applying them… Even just by using some of the basic ones you find on Instagram for example, you can make an average photo really stand out!


I guess what I’m saying is that I love experimenting with my camera and trying to create something that I find aesthetically pleasing – sometimes I do it for others (ie to get people to read my articles and posts) but mainly I do it for myself!

Looking for some photography tips – why not check out My Top 5 Tips for a Great Shot on my photoblog…

So, what do you love to do and why?

Happy Snapping!



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    1. Thank you, that’s very kind! Just give it a go… that’s the joy of digital photography – if it doesn’t work you can just do it again!
      Kate x

    1. I actually use a few different cameras – a Canon EOS 40D, a Canon Powershot SX60 HS and my iPhone…
      Kate x

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