Photo Feature: Displaying My Photos

I love taking photos (if you hadn’t already noticed!), but my dilemma is always what to do with them when I have taken them… In the past, I would have taken my roll of film down to the chemist and waited with anticipation for them to be printed out.  It was obvious back then – you had to print your pictures out in order to see them! But nowadays, it is not that straightforward… you don’t have to print them out – you can just look at them on your phone/computer. And that is often what I do – absolutely nothing!  Which seems such a shame – what is the point of taking photos that no one sees?  I use a lot of my photos on my blog/social media, but some of them are surplus to requirements (I have a lot of similar images so just choose the very best ones to use in my posts).

I’ve done photobooks, mats and canvases in the past but was wanting to do something different, so I was delighted when I was approached to collaborate with CaseApp and design some personalised phone cases and laptop skins.

The whole process was so straightforward.  I chose two of my favourite photographs (ones that I thought would work well) and uploaded them onto the correct templates for my iPhone and MacBook, positioned them and that was it – easy!  I sent off my order then sat back and waited…

I wasn’t sure how long I would have to wait but it wasn’t long at all – they arrived that same week. And they look absolutely fantastic – the photo quality is impressive! I am so pleased with them… what do you think?

This is such a great way to use your photos so you can look at them every day… I am also planning to buy more as gifts for friends and family as I’m sure they will love them too!

Interested?  Why not head over to and find out more… if you decide to order, you can use the code KATELOVES20 to get a massive 20% off your order!

Happy Snapping!


**This post is sponsored by CaseApp**


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10 thoughts on “Photo Feature: Displaying My Photos

  1. you know the trend of luggage cover with a big portrait of yourself to avoid losing it at the airport? i think this could be applied on this iphone and macbook case. 😀

    1. Haha! I certainly know a few people who that would be useful for! My hubby is always losing his stuff…
      Kate x

    1. They look great don’t they! Check out CaseApp – they offer a brilliant service!
      Kate x

    1. Thank you – I’m so happy with how they turned out! I will definitely be doing more – I love them!
      Kate x

    1. Great aren’t they – I’m so pleased with them. Thank you – photography is one of my passions…
      Kate x

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