My Top Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

For many of us, the journey itself is all part going on holiday and can often be an enjoyable experience… unless you have a VERY long time to spend cooped up in an aeroplane course!  So, how do you survive a long haul flight and disembark at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy your trip?  Hopefully the tips below will help you achieve this…

  • Arrive at the airport in plenty of time so you board the plane feeling relaxed (rather than already fraught from getting to the airport).
  • Stay hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to help you stay feeling refreshed.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol. You will become dehydrated and by the time you land you will be feeling sluggish and tired – and maybe even hung over – not a good start!
  • Get up and walk around regularly – DVT is a risk on long haul flights and the best way to avoid it is to move around every so often. It also passes a bit of time too!
  • Make sure you take plenty of things to occupy your time: reading books, quiz books, magazines, music, etc.  Anything to stop the boredom setting in.

  • Watch a film – watching a film is a great way to pass a couple of hours on a flight… and it also blocks out the noise of your fellow passengers for a while!
  • Eat the meals that you are served. Try and eat something regularly – it settles your stomach and again, it wastes a little time.
  • Take the opportunity to switch off – how often in our daily lives do we get time to turn off our devices and let our minds de-clutter? Make the most of it!
  • Use the time to get some rest – put that eye mask on and chill out!  There is a relaxation channel you can listen to on most airlines – give it a go!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to change your watch to the local time at your destination.  I usually do this almost as soon as I get on the plane to try and prepare myself for arrival. I find that sleeping at the correct time on the plane helps me adjust to the local time slightly quicker.

And here are some additional tips which may be helpful if you are travelling with children:

  • Take iPads and portable games consoles – and make sure they are fully charged and ready to go!
  • Take plenty of comics, colouring books and pens, quiz books, etc to keep them entertained.
  • If you can, pack their favourite snacks and treats so they are not complaining about being hungry/not liking the food on offer from the in-flight service.
  • Take a few surprise gifts (something different to the other things you have bought) that you can magically produce when they start to get bored – just the excitement of a present can be enough to keep them happy for a while! Alternatively, I find letting them choose something from the duty free magazine is equally effective!
  • If they have a toy/blanket they always sleep with, make sure you have it with you if you want to have any chance of getting them off to sleep for a while.  On a very long flight/overnight flight it is always worth trying to get children to have a nap – it passes the time and ensures they don’t arrive at your destination fraught from tiredness.
  • On an overnight flight, I find it useful to try and maintain some sort of normal bed-time routine – make them go to the bathroom and clean their teeth, etc.  A normal routine can help them to settle down.
En route to Florida

And that’s it – my best tips for a (hopefully) stress-free long haul flight… do you have any to add to the list?

Happy Travelling!


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6 thoughts on “My Top Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

  1. The one tip I would give is to bring with you moisturizers and things that can hydrate you. My skin always looks disgusting after long flights because my skin gets so dry. I would always say to bring a face mask or some type of extremely hydrating moisturizer in order to keep your skin looking refreshed when we land. Great post Kate xxx

    Melina |

  2. Great tips especially about drinking lots of water and we always avoid alcohol. Just try to either sleep or stay occupied most of the time I think. Usually overdose on films that I can never remember afterwards.

    1. I spend most of my time watching films too – I don’t watch many films usually so it’s a great opportunity as there’s not much else to do!
      Kate x

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