A Day at the Beach!

It was with much excitement we boarded the double-decker bus parked in the square in Hessle (near Hull)… there must have been around 60 of us – ranging all the way from babies up to 85 year olds – and only the select few knew where we were going!  It was Matt’s cousins 60th birthday outing – a trip to the seaside… but where were we off to??

The bus was soon filled with music, balloons, chairs, picnic baskets and much laughter (not to mention a bit of alcohol!).  Would it be Scarborough, Bridlington or maybe Filey?  It didn’t take too long for us to realise that we were off to the pretty seaside town of Filey in North Yorkshire…

Plenty of space on the beach…

The bus dropped us right on the seafront and we all piled off and headed onto the lovely, wide beach… We picked a spot and spread out – there were windbreaks, deckchairs, picnic blankets and cool bags everywhere. It was a beautiful, sunny day, with not a cloud in the sky… but, as usual, there was quite a strong sea breeze.  However, given the stifling heat the UK had been suffering from for a few weeks, the breeze was actually very welcome for most of us!

Party on the beach!

Buckets and spades came out, swimsuits went on and picnic baskets were opened.  Then a game of cricket was organised a little further down the beach – with both adults and children taking part.  I sat and watched whilst relaxing in the sunshine.  Cricket was followed by hula hooping!! Watching 10-15 people all trying to hula hoop at once was certainly a sight to behold (some were definitely more successful than others!)… not sure what the other beach-goers thought though!!

Hula hoop anyone??

After that, most people started to head up onto the promenade in small groups to buy ice creams and drinks from the kiosks… before heading back onto the beach for a bit of paddling (the sea was warmer than expected which was a bonus) and sandcastle building!

After 4.5 hours, it was time to head back onto the bus for the 1.5 hour journey back to Hessle… the return journey was as rowdy as the way there had been as everyone had had such a fun day out! The highlight was definitely a mass singalong to Let It Go – at full volume!

View from the top deck!

So what does Filey have to offer?

Filey is a small seaside resort in North Yorkshire. It is not as (over-)developed as many other northern seaside towns – so if you’re looking for kiss-me-quick type resorts with lots going on, Filey is definitely not the place to go! What it does offer visitors is a large, sandy beach; a nice promenade with a few kiosks and a children’s paddling pool; donkey rides; a few children’s rides; mini golf and; a golf course… plus a small selection of holiday accommodation.  So if you want to enjoy a peaceful day on a beautiful beach, you could do a lot worse than head off to Filey!

A wide, sandy beach and a pretty promenade…

Happy Travelling!


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22 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach!

  1. Looks like that was a fun day with the family! I can’t wait to get to the beach this summer. Today is going to be 105 degrees

    1. It was – would love to do it again soon! Wow, that’s hot – we don’t ever get that kind of temperature in the UK!
      Kate x

  2. I haven’t spent a day at the beach in what feels like an eternity, despite the fact that I live in SoCal, and like 20 minutes away! Ha! I am not a sand person and the beach is always so crowded and I get bored in like 2 seconds! LOL!

    1. We’re quite a way from the coast unfortunately so we rarely get to the beach either! The beaches in the UK don’t really get too crowded – mainly because it rarely gets warm enough to sit on the beach for long lol!!
      Kate x

  3. What a fun outing! My family does an annual reunion at the beach in Southwest Florida every year. We leave this weekend for a week at the beach. I want to get a huge group of people to hula hoop like that!

    1. It was great fun! An annual reunion on the beach sounds great – I may have to try and start that with my family!
      Kate x

  4. It looks like you had a great day! We live in Southern California where the beach is only a mile away and we rarely go. Looking at your photos makes me think it’s time to head down there!

    1. We did, it was lovely! Wow, you’re so lucky – we’re a couple of hours drive from our nearest beach…
      Kate x

    1. No, the water wasn’t very warm – it rarely is in the UK unfortunately! Filey is lovely and the beach is pretty big so there was plenty of space…
      Kate x

    1. It was great! Unfortunately we live a long way from the beach here… although I would take a bus if there was one!
      Kate x

  5. Beaches aren’t really my thing.. but i love watching my daughter play in the water. I’m thinking we will have to take a trip soon.

  6. There is nothing better than going to the beach with the family. We have a lake beach by us, and it’s so fun to go there and splash around.

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