Review: Hollowell Steam Show 2018

I had heard a lot about the Hollowell Steam and Heavy Horse Show (to give it it’s full title) from friends but we had never been, even though it takes place only 30 minutes drive from our house. So this year, we were free on the weekend of 7/8 July when it was taking place and decided to go along and see what it was all about.

We arrived and parked up with no trouble – and parking was free, which is always a bonus! My first impression on arriving was of just how much there was to do there – the site was massive!

There was a large arena (which was full of horses and carriages when we arrived) surrounded by craft stalls, vintage cars/vans/steam engines, a funfair, performances and plenty of food and drink outlets… There was so much going on it was difficult to know where to start!

Horses and traps in the arena

We went to look at beautiful steam engines first as they were quite near to the entrance and had caught our eye… they were all in immaculate condition and their red and green paint was gleaming in the sun!

Steam in the sun…

We then spent a little time checking out the craft stalls, sampling some lovely rhubarb cider (which we bought 2 pints of to take home incidentally!) and purchasing home-made fudge from the craft tent – yum! I am a bit of a sucker for craft tents – I love to browse and am always amazed by how many talented people there are around.

The amount of vintage cars on display there was mind-blowing… so if you love all things vintage this was definitely a show worth visiting!

There were plenty of vintage cars at Hollowell

After wandering round for a while, it was time for the Spitfire flyover – it circled the arena several times before disappearing off into the distance… what an amazing aircraft!

Spitfire over Hollowell 2018

And then it was time for a sit down with a glass (plastic of course!) of Pimms to watch the cars in the arena (mainly minis this time)…

A parade of minis…

This was followed by some of the stunning steam engines driving slowly and steadily round…

Steam on show!

There was so much to see and do at Hollowell Steam Show that I wish we’d have gone a bit earlier in the day and spent more time there…

I can recommend a visit next year* – there is plenty to keep all the family entertained for hours!


*Date for next year’s show still to be confirmed.

*All photos were taken on my iPhone 6.

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28 thoughts on “Review: Hollowell Steam Show 2018

  1. This sounds like so much fun! My boys love trains and would be in awe getting to see them so close. And my dad has been a mechanic my whole life, so I always like vintage cars. Plus, free parking is always great!

  2. This is just the kind of event my family loves to attend. My kids would love seeing all the horses and steam engines and I’m a sucker for any craft/vendor event. I wouldn’t have been able to pass up the fudge, either!

    1. It was a great family day out – on this occasion our daughter was away, but we’ll take her next year!
      Kate x

  3. What a unique event! It’s so interesting to see all those vintage vehicles. Wish we had something similar happening nearer us.

    1. Great isn’t it – it always amazes me how many interesting things you can find to do in your local area!
      Kate x

    1. It was really great for kids – there was so much for them to see… they could even drive one of the steam engines!
      Kate x

  4. Looks like a great day out. I love getting out to community events experiencing vibe ,food the exhibits and displays.

  5. What a fun day this must have been! I for one look forward to see steam trains up close because of old movies but this event look so interesting!

  6. My family would love to visit a local festival like this! It’s like in old movies where classical cars and steams are on display. This will have educational impact on kids too!

    1. They’re great – there are lots of them in the UK during the summer months… Definitely good for kids – it’s amazing what they learn at events like this.
      Kate x

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