Camping in the Peak District

I love camping (as you’ll know if you’ve read some of my previous posts!) and I love the Peak District! So this weekend I combined the two and spent two days with family and friends camping in the Peak District!  Unfortunately due to other commitments we only managed one night but we made the most of our rather brief stay…

Our campsite (Common End Farm) was spacious and very friendly… not to mention beautifully located.  It was fantastic to find a campsite nowadays where you don’t have to be quiet after 9pm and where campfires are permitted!

Lighting the fire pit…

So we spent a pleasant evening sat around the fire pit chatting and toasting marshmallows…

Toasting marshmallows… one of the best bits of camping!

… followed by a bit of drinking (obviously!) whilst the kids ran around and made friends with the neighbours (and their dogs!). The warden popped by about 11pm to see if we were ok – rather than to tell us to be quiet, which is what usually happens on our group camping trips!! We were all shattered anyway so we headed off into our tents just after midnight!

The following morning we had a lovely – and very leisurely – BBQ breakfast (surely one of the best things about camping?) and then packed up and headed off the site. But we will definitely be coming here to camp again as it’s a great site and very reasonably priced.

Even packing down can be fun!

Our destination for the afternoon was beautiful Dovedale, which was only a short drive from the site… or at least it should have been! Unfortunately the SatNav tried to send us up a track which was unsuitable for vehicles so we had to do a u-turn and find an alternative route (back the way we came of course!). But it was worth it. Dovedale is so picturesque and I have many fond memories of childhood trips there to paddle in the river and picnic under the trees.

Dovedale is a popular spot on a sunny day!

The only thing I would say is that Dovdale is VERY popular with families during the summer – particularly at the weekend – so if you don’t like crowds, it’s probably best avoided.  That said, if you walk a little further along the river the crowds thin out as most people only go a short way before settling down for the day. We found a shaded spot right next to the river to spread our picnic blankets out, where we sat and ate our lunch.

Picnic by the river…

Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed splashing about in the shallow river (the boys didn’t venture in!) and the boys threw a ball about…

Cooling off in the river

After an hour or two we packed up and strolled through the gorgeous valley – stopping occasionally to paddle or take photos –  back to the car, which was parked about 20 minutes away in the packed car park. It was £3 to park for the day which I thought was very reasonable.

I was sad to leave Dovedale

We left Dovedale and headed to the Dog & Partridge in Swinscoe (a 17th century inn offering accommodation as well as food) for a meal before we got in the car for the 1.5 hour drive back home… it was a welcoming, country pub with a huge children’s play area, large beer garden and great food!

The girls enjoyed their desserts!

If you are in the area, I highly recommend a stay at Common End Farm Campsite and a trip to Dovedale – we will certainly be heading back to both sometime very soon!

Happy Camping!


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28 thoughts on “Camping in the Peak District

  1. This brings back SO MANY memories to when I was a kiddo. We used to camp – well my parents would send me to CAMP where we would camp, lol… And I always remember enjoying it but def not ALL of it. Sadly now, nope, I am not a fan, hahaha!

    1. You either love it or you hate it!! I just love being outdoors and eating breakfast in the fresh air, whilst admiring the view…
      Kate x

  2. Sounds like a wonderful couple of days away in a great part of the country. Camping is all about those late night barbeques and drinks and then cooked breakfasts. So good and even better when you’re with good friends. You need to get away for more nights i reckon.

    1. The Peak District is one of my favourite parts of the UK… and you’re right – we need to get away for more nights camping this summer!
      Kate x

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of camping but we do love exploring and picnics and the outdoors. This looks like an awesome place just to spend the day too.

  4. Not being told to be quiet after 9 sounds awesome!! We used to go camping once a month when I was growing up and often had the warden (or the Mickey Police as we called them when we would stay at the Disney World campground) coming to tell us to keep the noise down. My boys have been camping a few times with my parents and just asked if we can go again next time we visit them.

    1. It was such a lovely site with very few rules, which is unusual! I never camped as a child, but really enjoy it now…
      Kate x

  5. That’s a wonderful adventure, especially when children take part. I am not so into camping now, but I remember when I was a younger how much I loved to go for one (only one though) day and night for camping with my friends.

    1. It’s great fun – most children seem to enjoy camping… I know I did, the few times I camped with friends when I was young.
      Kate x

    1. We don’t go as often as we would like due to other commitments unfortunately, but it was great fun!
      Kate x

  6. The Dog & Partridge in Swinscoe sounds like a great place to stay and eat. I really miss camping so much. I haven’t been in about 10 years. I used to go several times a year. Your photos brought back some great memories. Looks like your family had a great trip.

    1. It was a lovely pub and the food was very good… We had a fantastic trip – can’t wait to go again!
      Kate x

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