What I’m Looking Forward to in August

I can’t believe it’s almost August… don’t you think this year is absolutely flying by?! I’ve been looking forward to August for months as it’s when we go on a family holiday… but what else is going on next month that I’m looking forward to:

Days Out

We like to make the most of the summer holidays and head out on day trips.  We are going up to Sheffield one day to visit my parents and I’d like to get to London for the day. Where else we are going to go, I’m not sure yet… but I’d love to spend a day at the beach too!

Who doesn’t love a day on the beach?

Lazy Evenings in the Sunshine

For most of the year I spend my evenings sitting poolside, watching Freya training… but for 6 weeks over summer training takes a back seat and my evenings are my own again! It is lovely just to be able to sit outside with a glass of wine and relax – whether that’s in the garden or outside the local canalside bar…

Drinks at The Waterfront

Family Trip to Center Parcs

We are off to Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest in the middle of August for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary (Gold, in case you’re wondering!).  There are 8 of us going – ranging from 9 years old to 76 years old – so it should be great fun!  And I love the Lake District too so am looking forward to getting outside and heading for the hills!

Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

ACE (aka Annual Camping Expedition)

We have done an annual camping trip with a group of friends for goodness knows how many years… there are slightly fewer of us go nowadays and it is not the riotous expedition it once was (as we now all have children!) but it’s still a lot of fun!  Laughing, eating, drinking outdoors – what’s not to love??

Camping fun…

What I’m not looking forward to in August is that it signals the end of the school summer holidays so it’s back to early starts, packed lunches, etc at the end of the month… but there’s always the Christmas holidays to look forward to (not to mention a trip to New York in November)!!

What are you looking forward to in August?

Kate x


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30 thoughts on “What I’m Looking Forward to in August

  1. For us, August is the month to finish visiting places that we wanted to see and are only open seasonally. Our family does a lot of day trips on my husbands days off all year round, but August and September are the last months that we can visit the outside places we enjoy without freezing.

    1. I love going on day trips, it’s so nice to get out and see things, isn’t it? We make the most of the summer months too as they are the only really dry months in the UK…
      Kate x

  2. We spend a lot of time at the cottage in august so I’m really looking forward to getting to relax and take in some sunshine by the lake! I wish I was more of a camping person though! Love the idea but hate those nights where it’s too hot in the tent lol

    1. That sounds lovely – have a fantastic August! Being too hot is not generally that much of an issue in the UK (except this summer!)!
      Kate x

    1. I’m hoping it will be a fun month! I like September too… but there’s generally something to look forward to in any month!
      Kate x

    1. To be honest, whilst I love having my daughter at home over the holidays, I’m usually ready for her to go back to school – as is she to be fair!
      Kate x

  3. Our summer was heavily front-loaded with trips and activities, we are looking forward to a calm August, until school starts. My oldest starts on the 20th and my youngest the 28th. I am on PTO so have meetings already lined up for August. We went on two different two-week trips at the beginning of the summer and every week we weren’t gone my boys have been in daily swim lessons, so it’s been a crazy summer!

    1. Wow, what a busy summer… we haven’t been away yet (except for a quick camping trip) but Freya only finished school 2 weeks ago so we’ve quite a lot of the holiday left!
      Kate x

  4. How lucky are you! August is my birth month but I don’t have time to travel because I have a lots of busy schedule at work! How I wish!!

    1. Happy Birthday for August! Hope work all goes well and that you’re not too busy to celebrate your birthday!
      Kate x

  5. Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest looks like a beautiful place to enjoy the day! But, is it really hot in England right now? Right now, temps have reached the upper 30s and 40s here in Japan. I am not looking forward to the continuation of hot temps (it will be 38C on Wednesday, ouch). But, I can’t wait for a week off in mid-August!

    1. We have had an unusually long, hot spell in England – temperatures have reached the mid-30s and it’s been very humid… which I know is not be unusual for other countries in the summer. Unfortunately, in the UK we are not used to it so we are not set up to deal with it (unlike countries which regularly have very hot summers) – no-one has air conditioning for example – so there is just no escape from the heat/humidity!
      Enjoy your week off in August and I hope the temperatures drop soon!

      Kate x

  6. You must have a lot of plans for August. I’d better think about what goals to achieve as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We try and keep busy – you have to make the most of the good weather to get out and do things in the UK! Have a great August!
      Kate x

  7. I look forward to Augusts as it signals the end of summer and I enjoy the last of the heat wave BUT it also signals that fall is coming. I love the fall the most and by late August, I start to see Fall Decor!

    1. We like to camp in style LOL!! That couch is pretty comfortable.. perfect for sitting on while you have a drink and enjoy the sunshine!
      Kate x

    1. I hope it will be fun! Can’t beat a relaxing evening enjoying the sunshine – and when you live in the UK you have to make the most of them as they don’t happen that often (except this summer)!
      Kate x

  8. Center Parcs and the Annual Camping Trip sound brilliant. Loads of fun especially if the weather continues to be this good. Know what you mean about August being the end of the holidays though but 6 weeks is usually enough for most children, they’re generally ready to get back to school then. We’re off housesitting for 3 weeks in the New Forest and then over to France for the last week so hoping for good weather too.

    1. Absolutely – Freya is already starting to get a bit bored… she misses being busy all the time as most of her clubs don’t run through the holidays. I love the New Forest, we used to live nearby and I miss it! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
      Kate x

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