Summer Activities: Swimming

So, the next one of my summer activities series is swimming! We love swimming in our house and go all year round… but swimming in summer is so much more refreshing, isn’t it!  Particularly if you swim outdoors – whether it’s in a lido (there are still a few left in the UK!), a garden pool or in open water!

A dip in Loch Lomond

Swimming is a reasonably priced activity and is such great exercise – it’s so gentle on your joints that most people can enjoy being in the water in some way… And, for me, learning to swim confidently is an important life skill. Freya has had swimming lessons pretty much from the moment she could walk… she now trains 6 times a week and is a vastly better swimmer than me!

And the reason I love swimming in summer is because I love to swim outdoors even more than I love swimming in an indoor pool. I think that’s at least in part because I’m not keen on the smell of chlorine (and lets face it, who is??) and I find that it gets on my chest (I have asthma).

Winter Training in the Sunshine in Lanzarote!

I should say at this point that both Freya and I are strong swimmers and are happy to swim in open water, but if you are not, make sure you stick to outdoor pools or do an organised open water training session/event to see whether you like it (it’s not for everyone). Also, bear in mind, that in the UK at least, you will need a wetsuit to do open water swimming for most of the year!

Testing the water in Loch Lomond

I have always loved water and want everyone else to enjoy it as much as I do (and to enjoy it safely!)… although I know many people (including my own mum sadly!) don’t like being in the water at all!

Do you like swimming? If so, where’s your favourite place to swim and why?

Happy swimming!

Kate x


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26 thoughts on “Summer Activities: Swimming

  1. Swimming is a staple in our home. It’s pretty much the only way that I’ve survived the summer months with the kids at home. I spend the entire morning doing breakfast, then packing the pool bag, and head over to the pool until lunch time.

    1. Wow, you’re so lucky… even in summer in the UK it’s not always warm enough to swim outside!
      Kate x

  2. I am a Florida girl through and through. My parents have had a pool in the backyard since I was six. As I type this I’m at my boys swim lessons. Swimming is such a vital skill. I prefer pool swimming, I don’t like being in water if I can’t see what’s around me!

    1. You’re so lucky – I’d love a pool in the garden but even in summer in the UK you can’t guarantee it’ll be warm enough to swim outside…
      Kate x

  3. My oldest son absolutely LOVES the water, I swear he’s a fish lol. I use to love the water but having two littles make it hard to get out there. Hopefully once Jaxson is a little older we can go out there more.

    1. My daughter has always loved water too, even from being tiny. It’s hard to go when they’re little isn’t it (particularly if you’ve got more than one who can’t yet swim!).
      Kate x

  4. Swimming is my favourite way to stay active, as it’s an all over workout. We are hoping to do some wild swimming this summer.

  5. yessssss!!! We love swimming! We spend as much time as we can in the water playing around. My kids love it too! We started swimming lessons for them at 3yrs old. It’s one of our favorite family activities.

  6. Definitely a summer staple activity. It’s also good for your health + a fun way to stay cool with the family

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