Summer Activities: Al Fresco Dining!

One of my favourite things about summer is that you can sit and eat outside… it’s great for a few months of the year (in the UK at least!) to be able to enjoy food and fresh air at the same time!  And my favourite ways of eating outside…

Going for a Picnic

I love packing up the cool bag with lots of goodies, grabbing a picnic blanket and heading off somewhere for a picnic in the sunshine! I don’t mind where we go – the local park, by the local reservoir, up a mountain, riverside… I’ll eat outside anywhere! And what’s in my cool box? Cheese/chicken sandwiches, salad, crisps, sausage/cheese and onion rolls, fruit, yogurts and water (and sometimes beer and wine if we’re not driving!)…

Picnic by the river…

Having a BBQ

I’m a big BBQ fan – food tastes completely different cooked over the coals outside, doesn’t it?  You just can’t beat burgers/sausages/fish done on the BBQ (or veggie burgers/sausages in my case!) with grilled vegetables. Washed down with a glass of white wine… what a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon!

A Tasty BBQ Dinner

The Camping Breakfast

One of my favourite things about camping is eating a full English breakfast – cooked outdoors – whilst sitting and enjoying the sunshine and admiring the view… I can’t think of a better (and more leisurely!) way to start the day!

The camping breakfast is well underway…

I guess what I’m basically saying is that I think food tastes SO MUCH better eaten al fresco… Do you like to eat outdoors?  If so, where’s your favourite place to go and eat outside and what do you like to eat when you get there?

Happy Eating!


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24 thoughts on “Summer Activities: Al Fresco Dining!

  1. I do love dining AL FRESCO – except for – FLIES. Those buggers are well, BUGGERS! ha! That being said, we open our doors a lot and they come into the house so regardless of where my husband and I eat -FLIES will come on over! haha!

    1. We have soooo many wasps around here at the moment – they are such a pain! But, like you say, they are in the house as well so what’s the difference?!!
      Kate x

    1. It’s lovely isn’t it! We try to eat outside as much as we can too… you have to make the most of the sunshine!
      Kate x

  2. My boys absolutely love when we have a meal outside! It’s too hot in summer here, but in the spring and fall we will eat outside most evenings. We love to cook out on the grill and let the boys play in the backyard.

    1. Sounds great… in the UK we have to make the most of days where it’s warm enough to be outside LOL!
      Kate x

  3. I love dining al fresco. I’m lucky enough to live in a climate where it stays warm most of the year, so I definitely take advantage!

  4. You can’t beat eating outdoors and barbeques are just the best. I love the sociable side to al fresco dining, much more relaxed. Plus you seem to be able to eat much more which is a bonus.

  5. O.M. G. A full English breakfast isn’t something I ever try to make for myself in the US (though I’ve had plenty in the UK) – but having it fresh-made al fresco sounds divine! Our personal fave is s’mores, whether we’re camping or just doing it over a charcoal chimney in the backyard!

    1. We don’t eat a full English brekkie often – we don’t have time LOL! But it is great cooked and eaten outside… And who doesn’t love s’mores – we made some on our last camping trip a few weeks ago.
      Kate x

    1. Me too – unfortunately the weather has deteriorated here at the moment so eating outdoors is not an option!!
      Kate x

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