Summer Activities: Jet Skiing

As I think you’ve probably already guessed, water plays a big part of our lives in summer (and a fairly big part the rest of the year top of I’m being honest)!!  And one of my favourite holiday activities that I’d like to do again soon is jet skiing…

We got the chance to go on a jet ski safari whilst on holiday in Cuba – and it was such a fantastic experience!  We travelled all over the place (for a half day) on a jet ski, following a local guide. We even stopped to visit a nature reserve! We just parked up our jet skis (do you park a jet ski… or maybe you moor it up, who knows??) and wandered around the reserve looking at the wildlife…

Flamingos on our jet ski safari in Cuba!

Of course, the warm climate and mild water temperature was just perfect for doing a trip like this in Cuba… I’m yet to try water skiing in the cold waters around the UK – I’ll let you know if I do! The only way I can describe jet skiing is that it was like being on a motorbike – fast, loud and exciting – but on water!

Jet skiing in Cuba!

Have you ever jet skied – where did you do it and did you enjoy it? And if you’ve never done it, I totally recommend giving it a go – it’s great fun!

Happy Travelling!


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28 thoughts on “Summer Activities: Jet Skiing

  1. Jet skiing in Cuba? That sounds (and looks) absolutely amazing. I’ve been jet skiing a few times, each time in Florida. I live in the desert so I don’t get to see the water as often as I’d like.

  2. I have never jet skied or tried any water sports at all, given that I cant swim. Maybe I should make this my summer resolution and give it a go! (send help just in case 😉 )

    1. It’s great fun, isn’t it! You’re right – it’s so nice to get out on the water when the weather is good.
      Kate x

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