Summer Activities: Aquaparks

So this is my last post in my Summer Activities series because, unfortunately, summer is pretty much over – boo! And this time it’s all about aquaparks! Now until a couple of years ago, inflatable water parks were only found in much warmer countries than the UK – for obvious reasons!  But now, they are popping up on lakes and reservoirs all over the place… but are they worth a visit?

Inflatable Fun!

It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon and Rutland Aquapark was pretty busy, but we’d booked our slot and, to be fair, the whole process was very slick and well-managed.  After getting into wetsuits (and lifejackets) and listening to a short safety briefing, the kids headed – like a swarm of insects – excitedly into the (presumably quite cold) water…

The aquapark has numerous inflatable obstacles, slides, jumps and airbags, all of which looked like great fun from where I was sitting on the bank, overlooking the water.  There were quite a number of children (and a few brave adults) on the waterpark whilst we were there, but it was not too crowded and everyone seemed to have time to go on everything they wanted to during their allotted one hour slot.

There were lots of inflatables on offer…

Whilst you do have to be able to swim at least a little to use the aqua park, it was very well supervised, with plenty of lifeguards around in case anyone got into difficulty – which they didn’t thankfully!

The most popular inflatables at Rutland seemed to be the airbags, the big slide and ‘the Beast’ – a high platform where you jumped off into the water below… The photo below doesn’t really do it justice – it is higher than it looks on this photo when you see it in real life!

Freya tackling ‘The Beast’!

So what did Freya think of it? Well, she had been to this aquapark the previous year with friends, but still came out of the water raving about how much fun it had been! So whilst this was not the cheapest of my featured Summer Activities, I think it was probably the one that Freya enjoyed the most…

After a quick dry off and an ice cream, we headed home after a fun afternoon in the sunshine… we’ll definitely be back for more next year! And, next year, I WILL be going on it too (although I’m not sure I’ll be brave enough for ‘The Beast’ but we’ll see!)…

Happy Splashing!


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24 thoughts on “Summer Activities: Aquaparks

  1. I’ve never been to one of these but they look so fun! I grew up going out on the boat every weekend to tube and knee board, but this still looks totally different. Seems like something kids and adults would enjoy!

  2. Now this I would totally do, my daughter and I would fight who goes first and Jenna will just keep the peace and challenge us. I wish we had such parks here in SA, our weather is great for a couple of months. Looking forward to hear how you enjoyed it firsthand.

    1. Me too – I love water… this was actually a trip with my daughter’s swim club so they were all in their element!
      Kate x

  3. I’ve seen these around but I have never done it. I would totally try it though. That drop does seem high so if the picture isn’t doing it justice, I would be so curious how high it is!

    1. It is – I can highly recommend it! And it did seem to be really well supervised, which is always reassuring.
      Kate x

    1. Doesn’t it! You wear a life jacket and the water is pretty deep – plus there were plenty of lifeguards on duty when we were there so I’m sure they don’t have too many incidents!
      Kate x

    1. They’ve only quite recently appeared in the UK, but now there are lots of them around! They’re suddenly really popular…
      Kate x

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