Mystery Trips: Yes or No?

I’ll start by saying I’ve never been on any kind of mystery trip… ever! And I’m still not sure whether I would go on one or not to be honest.  But I must confess that I am feeling a little bit tempted. Every time I see one advertised I wonder whether I should give it a go… but something always stops me.

I suppose my biggest issue with booking a mystery trip is that I worry I will end up somewhere I’ve already been to or, even worse, that it will be a destination I’ve already been to and that I didn’t like!! However, of course, you could also argue that I may end up somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go… hmm, tricky.

Up in the air!

But if I’m being totally honest, the real problem with it is that I am a bit of a control freak (anyone who knows me will confirm this!). And that control is taken away from me if I go on a trip where I don’t know in advance where I’m going, isn’t it? OMG, I won’t even have a guidebook for when I get there – what will I do, how will I manage?!!  I’m far too much of a planner to cope with this – just thinking about it now is bringing me out in a cold sweat!

But this is a largely a modern problem, isn’t it? I can now go online and find out pretty much everything I need to know about a destination before I arrive (and I do, believe me!), whereas in days gone by, this wasn’t the case. And I definitely think that this has taken away some of the magic of travel – I know pretty much what to expect before I even set foot out of my house…

What would I do without my guidebook?? 

So I can see the appeal of this type of adventure travel. It does add an element of excitement to a trip if you have no idea where you are going to end up and what you’re going to be doing, which is quite fun isn’t it? And, let’s face it, some of our most enduring travel memories often stem from things we weren’t expecting – things that surprised us on our travels… so I guess this is just taking that element of surprise a step further. 

And, apparently, this type of trip is pretty popular right now with more and more companies offering mystery trips – which means plenty of people must be booking them or this wouldn’t be such a growing travel market.

It seems to me that maybe this type of holiday offers us something we can’t get when we know in advance exactly where we are going/what we are going to be doing. I think what it does is it gives us a sense of excitement to be venturing into the unknown – something which we have largely lost when we travel nowadays…

Going on a magical mystery tour…

So what do you think? Have you ever gone on or would you ever book a mystery trip? Let me know in the comments…

Happy Travelling!


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20 thoughts on “Mystery Trips: Yes or No?

  1. I would have a hard time with a mystery trip for the same reasons. I like to be in control and know what we are doing. Especially with having young kids with me right now. It would be fun to be surprised, but I think I would rather it be a surprise because my husband planned it rather than neither of us knowing what/where we are going.

  2. I have never heard of this concept before! I’m truly intrugued. I think I would go, yes. How exactly does it work? The travel agent takes care of everything and you just show up? And how do you know what kind of clothes to pack? The more I think about it the more I wanna say, hell yeah, let’s do this!

    1. I think you are told your departure and arrival airports and that’s about it… I guess you must also be told what sort of clothing to pack too or you would be totally unprepared!
      Kate x

  3. Ummm control freak here, mystery trip would be a no-go for me. I like to know all the details far in advanced. Especially for packing, how can you pack if you aren’t able to check the weather!

    1. I know the feeling – I like to be organised too! But I’m quite tempted to step outside my comfort zone and give it a go… maybe!
      Kate x

  4. I would definitely say yes and I would be super excited for a mystery trip. As long as I have my passport, my phone and a good universal internet connection nothing would ever stop me.

  5. So, companies now offer mystery trips? I was thinking you meant like your hubby says “pack a bag we’re going away for the weekend and it’s a surprise!” (Not that my hubby would ever do that, but I would love it if he would – only there is NO WAY he could pack for me, and I’d ask so many questions about what to bring that I’d probably spoil the surprise lol…)

  6. I think a mystery trip would actually be fun! It would be nice to just live in the moment and enjoy the adventures that come your way!

    1. I think it could be fun too… you would just have to hope it wasn’t to somewhere you’d already been – I think that would really annoy me lol!
      Kate x

  7. When i travel i always have to have a notebook with all things i have to see, all the things i have to do or i feel like naked, but idea of a mystery trip maybe would not be that bad, if person that travels with me is my twin and has everything under control xoxox

    1. That was my initial thought – I’m the same. But I feel like I should try something different – we’ll see lol!
      Kate x

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