Deciding where to go…

We’re currently trying to decide where to go/what to do for our main summer holiday next year… but there are just so many places we want to visit and so many things we want to do!

There are three of us, and we all like doing different things (and some of the same things too!) and often have different ideas on where we want to go on holiday. Sometimes we end up compromising and other times one person (usually me LOL) gets their own way… But when you have children you definitely do need to take their requirements into consideration. There is nothing worse than dragging a child round historical sites with them whining constantly – I know, we’ve done it several times!

So what do we look for?  Wherever we go must have a swimming pool and something to entertain Freya (who’ll be a teenager by then – scary!), it needs to have a nice view (hubby does love a view!) and some interesting cultural sites/activities for me (I’m a bit of a culture vulture – well, a lot of a culture vulture actually).

You can’t beat a great view…

We’ve already got a group trip to Lanzarote booked for February to a sports resort, which will keep us all amused as well as providing us with a bit of sunshine in the depths of winter… but summer is a different story.

The options we have thrown around to date are:

  • Hiring a motorhome and visiting some of the national parks in the US
  • A beach holiday somewhere in Europe
  • A cruise – we’ve never done one before and I like the idea of checking out a few different countries on one trip
  • An activity holiday (doing outdoor activities such as white water rafting, cycling, hiking, etc)
We love watersports!

Honestly, I’ve no idea where we’ll actually end up going or what we’ll end up doing – it may be something entirely different to the things we have contemplated so far!

But when we make the final decision on any holiday, it generally boils down to these few factors:

  • Is it available when we want to go (as we only have a small window in the summer holidays when we can get away due to other commitments)?
  • Is it within budget? Whilst we never set a specific budget, we usually know roughly what we have available to spend on holidays.
  • If it is a bit of a compromise, is it an acceptable one? Will we all be happy with the choice?

How do you decide where to go on holiday?  Does it take you as long to decide as it does us? Let me know…

Happy Travelling!


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24 thoughts on “Deciding where to go…

  1. I would definitely suggest visiting the National Parks here in the US! We did a big trip this summer and visited 5 different states, 7 national parks, in 13 days with 6 people, including my boys who are 3 and 5! If you go to Utah/Colorado area there are a lot within driving distance. We started at Zion, then went to Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands in Utah. Then drove up through Wyoming to go to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. It was gorgeous, there was a lot to do, a lot of outdoor activities, and so much fun!

  2. Holidays are everything to me. I wait for them all year round. Definitely cruises are the best and most laid back experience ever. Aaaahh and the unlimited food just makes me so happy. #guiltypleasures

  3. I vote RV in the national parks! We have lived in an RV for over 2 years and absolutely love the lifestyle! Make reservations for campground early, otherwise all the best places are taken 😉

  4. We’ll be going on a cruise in January and I cannot wait! This will be my 5th one and my husband’s 3rd. It’s an awesome way to check out new places, plus the cruise ship itself is so much fun.

    1. Ooh, have fun! That’s what I think – you get to visit a few places on one holiday and there’s so much to do on the ship too!
      Kate x

  5. Since moving very far away from all our family. Most of our vacations have been about getting together with family and traveling back. Which isn’t always the way I want to spend my vacation but I do miss my people!

    1. It’s difficult when you’re not near family, isn’t it? But it’s great to catch up with everyone in the holidays…
      Kate x

  6. I haven’t taken a vacation since I was young due to working full time and going to for my bachelors and masters. I would love to go somewhere and I’m hoping it’ll be Miami after I finish school in December!

    1. I’m not sure I’d manage without my holidays LOL… Miami sounds awesome – I’d love to go there too!
      Kate x

  7. Wow what a great list! and great ideas.. Here’s maybe a way to make the decision easier!

    A motorhome a great idea, you will see amazing parks and scenery, and you’ll be buying food at stores so it’ll be cheaper then going out, and you could also combine this with an activity holiday, so you could stop and go rafting, or canoeing, or cycling(or bring some with you!!)

    A cruise – would be awesome, usually everything’s inclusive, and since you have kids they can go to the pool or find games, and it will keep everyone busy, while visiting other countries! You could combine the other one and even visit Europe!

    Make sure to take lots of pictures and to write about it!

    great post and subscribed!

    Nicholas Alexander Adams

    1. Thanks for your input! You will find out soon enough where we are going, as I will definitely write about it!
      Kate x

  8. I hope you have fun in Lanzorote and it’s good that you have questions that help you decide where to go I just find the cheapest one way ticket and make sure there is food that meets my special diet available x

    1. Thank you – I’m sure we will! I’m definitely going to have to think about doing it that way, as I never make a decision based on where I can get the cheapest flight too… but it’s a good idea!
      Kate x

    1. I know… too many! I’ve travelled so much in Europe, but there’s still so much I want to see and do!
      Kate x

  9. These are some great things to think about when you are planning your next trip. I don’t travel as much as I would like to.

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