Why I’d Rather Take the Train!

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of scenic railway journeys (The Jacobite, Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico, etc), but I actually really enjoy travelling anywhere by train!  But what are the advantages of taking the train over going by car?

  • The train is much more relaxing – no stressful traffic jams to deal with and no searching for somewhere to park when you arrive at your destination.
  • Going by train is often faster than going by car.  I can travel from Market Harborough to London in 57 minutes by train, whereas it takes me around 2 hours by car (due to the volume of traffic).
  • It is more environmentally friendly than taking you car.
  • You see more of the countryside than you do when you’re driving along the motorway. And you have time to enjoy it as you’re not having to concentrate on driving.
  • There is no need to make regular stops for food/drink and to visit the toilet – they’re on the train!
Enjoying tea and biscuits on the train!
  • You can get up and walk around if you want to stretch your legs, without having to stop and break your journey.
  • I don’t really enjoy driving – I find going by train much easier.

So those are the advantages – well, for me at least – but what are the potential downsides to train travel?

  • It is expensive (certainly in the UK) – unless you can get a cheap, advance ticket. If you are travelling as a family, it is pretty much always cheaper to drive, even if you have a Railcard.
  • At busy times you won’t necessarily manage to find a seat, which means standing in hot, crowded conditions – not ideal!
  • It can be quite noisy if the train is busy (like it was on the way home from London last night!).
  • There is always the risk of delays/cancellations on any public transport.
  • Train times are not always convenient if you have to be somewhere for a certain time… trains don’t run all night, so if you need to get to the airport really early in the morning, for example, there probably won’t be a service you an use.
  • You have to get to the train station from your house before you can get on the train, which is not always easy with bags, cases and kids…
The Jacobite in Fort William, Scotland

But, despite the disadvantages, for me, the pros far outweigh the cons of travelling by train. What do you think?  Do you like to take public transport if you can or would you rather always take your car?

Happy Travelling!


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26 thoughts on “Why I’d Rather Take the Train!

  1. I’ve taken the train a few times and honestly, I do like this means of transportation but only outside of the country of USA! In Europe it’s LEGIT – but here it’s kind of sketchy. Well, I guess I am only thinking about the Subway in LA! hahah!

  2. Couldn’t agree more Kate, train travel is great. As long as you aren’t up against the clock and book in advance I don’t think you can beat it. We go everywhere by train, don’t actually own a car. Nice post.

    1. Thank you! I’d love to get rid of my car and travel everywhere by train too but it’s just not feasible at the moment… too much running around after our daughter to do LOL!
      Kate x

  3. I love that train is always an option. And I would choose it over a car depending on what country I’m in and depending on where I’m going since sometimes the train doesn’t always end up close to your destination. You make some fantastic points and I do wish train travel was more popular!

    1. I’ve not taken the train in Canada, but I imagine they would be pretty efficient! Hope you get to take a trip sometime soon!
      Kate x

  4. I really enjoy taking the train. Scenic railway journeys are always much more enjoyable. You get to walk around, eat and the views in the countryside are breathtaking.

  5. I’ve only traveled by train once before. We took the train from London to Paris for the day. It was nice to not have to worry about traffic and knowing where to go or anything like that. We also liked it because we could all enjoy the scenery rather than one person having to drive and miss everything.

  6. I like trains too. I’m looking forward to a couple of train journeys this month in Europe. It’s unfortunate that they’re so expensive!

    1. Ooh, have fun! Trains in some parts of Europe are reasonably priced, but rail travel in the UK is pretty expensive unfortunately!
      Kate x

    1. Isn’t it! That’s true – if you go on The Jacobite in Scotland, where the Hogwarts Express scenes were filmed, then you’ll really feel like you are in one of the Harry Potter films!
      Kate x

  7. I love taking train rides. It’s such a great way to travel with kids. Recently, we took a train ride from Russia to Finland. It was a great trip!

    1. Me too – it’s definitely fun for kids as they can get up and move about and there’s space for them to play. A trip from Russia to Finland by train sounds amazing!
      Kate x

  8. Yeah, this is one of those bucket list items for me! The images you’ve shared look so dreamy and picturesque to us Americans – thinking about our own trains not being as glamorous. I need to check those out as well.

    1. Not all our trains are that glamorous to be fair LOL… but you do get some amazing views when travelling by train!
      Kate x

  9. I LOVE traveling by train when I can, but in the US there are so few routes and it is so expensive. I’d much rather sleep/relax/do work than be the one driving, but it just doesn’t make (dollars and) sense.

    1. There are plenty of train routes here in the UK but it often doesn’t make financial sense to go by train here unfortunately either or I would do it more often…
      Kate x

    1. It’s definitely more relaxing isn’t it – and the views are much better than from the car. I just wish train travel were cheaper in the UK as I’d use trains more often then…

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