Travel Essentials: Swimwear

One of the things I NEVER, EVER travel without – wherever I am going – is a swimsuit (or two… or maybe even three!). I love to swim – as you’ll know if you read the post in my ‘Summer Activities’ series – and I take every opportunity I can to get in the water, whether that’s in a swimming pool, the sea or a lake! I have always been into swimming, for as long as I can remember, and seem to have passed this love on to our daughter, Freya, too!

So it goes without saying that I love buying new swimsuits (and am always buying them for Freya too as she swims at least 7 times a week so gets through a lot of swimsuits!). Therefore I am pretty much always looking for different swimwear options, which is why I was so pleased to find Latest Deals, a website which always has lots of great deals on swimwear from many different brands! They have offers on swimsuits to suit absolutely everyone, which is really handy for me…

Winter training in the sunshine in Lanzarote!

Now, what kind of swimwear I’m looking for depends very much on what I think I am going to be doing in it! If I want to swim lengths of the pool to keep myself fit, I obviously want a practical, one-piece (one that I won’t be constantly adjusting!). Whereas, if I know I’m going to just be lazing around on the beach or by the pool, my main consideration is… does it look good and how much of a tan will it allow me to get?!

Pool with a beautiful view in the French Alps…

Now one of my favourite pools ever was this one in Dubai – it was beautiful (although not much good for actually swimming in, lol)! And, unusually, it had to be chilled to keep it cool enough to take a dip!! Now when you’re from the UK that is pretty much unbelievable… over here we have to heat all our pools too keep them warm enough to swim in, even in summer!

The beautiful pool at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai!

Do you love to swim?  If so, where is your favourite place to swim – in the pool, the sea, or in a lake? Or are you a bit of a swimwear collector – can you rival our collection of about 50 swimsuits between Freya and myself? Can’t wait to find out…

Happy Travelling!



*This post was written in collaboration with Latest Deals.

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20 thoughts on “Travel Essentials: Swimwear

  1. Love swimming but not been for a while. Prefer the sea to a pool as far more exciting and the beaches of New Zealand are my favourite places ever to swim.

    1. I try and go swimming every week but it doesn’t always happen… I much prefer swimming outside (anywhere!) to in an indoor pool! New Zealand is own my bucket list, so hopefully I’ll get to check out some of those beaches!
      Kate x

    1. Haha, you’re so lucky to be able to swim all the time! Me too – never travel without one, just in case!
      Kate x

  2. Now that I move to Tampa, I can enjoy swimming the whole year if I want to. Both of my daughters enjoy the pool, I prefer the sea., the beach has something special for me.

  3. Beautiful pool pictures. I was never a huge fan of swimming in pools, but my sister is! However love lakes and the ocean, so I always bring along a swimsuit then.

  4. I love to swim! When I was young I would train 6 days per week in the swimmingpool and 1 day in the river! Now those days are behind, but I definitely go swimming when I’m on vacay!

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