Review: Radio City Christmas Spectacular

I love going to the theatre to see all different kinds of live performances – from musicals to plays to gigs to music and dance recitals… anything really! So when the opportunity arose to go and see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York, I jumped at the chance… But, to be honest, we had no real idea of what to expect when we turned up to see it a couple of weeks ago!  All we really knew beforehand was that the dancers were called The Rockettes!

Radio City Music Hall

Unfortunately, I had been ill for the previous 24 hours (food poisoning!) so spent the time waiting for the show to start dosing off in the unusually comfortable seats!! The inside of the venue is spectacular (I’m a massive fan of Art Deco!) and we had a fantastic view of the stage from our seats on the front row of the first mezzanine level…

Inside the spectacular Radio City Music Hall

Well, what can I say about the show? It was, as it’s name implied, truly SPECTACULAR! The music, the singing and the dancing were all incredible throughout the show. I knew most, but not all, of the songs that were performed but they were all very Christmasy and upbeat…

The orchestra were brilliant!

…and the projection on the auditorium (see photos above and below) was just so impressive! In fact, the entire performance was totally flawless – we were all blown away!

The projection throughout the performance was stunning!

There was a visit from Father Christmas, a beautiful nativity scene (below) and lots and lots of music, singing and dancing from the Radio City Rockettes, the highlight being a number where they were dressed as toy soldiers, which was stunning! But 1.5 hours flew by (there was no interval surprisingly) and, before we knew it, we were leaving the auditorium… feeling thoroughly festive!

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is suitable for all ages and there were lots of families there enjoying themselves, as well as groups of friends and couples. It’s on every year for a couple of months around Christmas time…

There was even a beautiful nativity scene…

So if you are ever in New York around Christmas time and want to enter into the Christmas spirit, make sure you book tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular – I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s your favourite type of live performance to go and watch? Do you go to any Christmas shows or events? Let me know…

Happy Christmas!


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26 thoughts on “Review: Radio City Christmas Spectacular

    1. It was a fantastic performance – I’d go again if I got the chance! The auditorium is stunning too…
      Kate x

  1. Christmas / holiday memories are one of the best memories anyone can have. I always watch other families and how they celebrate and try to do the same for my family. Our Xmas memories were never the best growing up! But thank you for sharing this.

    1. I agree – Christmas is a special time! I love seeing how others celebrate too and incorporating bits I like into our family festivities!
      Kate x

    1. I’m much better thank you! I love going to see any live shows too – but this one was certainly one of the best I’ve ever seen!
      Kate x

  2. I love live shows and performances. I also went to the Radio City and a few plays on Broadway. Love New York and all the entertainment options to choose from! Fun place to visit!

    1. Me too! We saw a couple of shows on Broadway on our last trip, so decided to do something different this time… NYC just has so much to do, doesn’t it!
      Kate x

  3. What a great show to see before Christmas, must make you really feel that festive spirit. I love musical spectaculars like that more than regular plays. Sounds a great night out.

    1. It was a fantastic show – really festive! Would definitely see it again if we’re ever lucky enough to be in NYC at this time of year…
      Kate x

  4. I have to admit that even though I love concerts and went to a ton this year, I’m yet to see the Rockettes. I will make a commitment to see them. Great photos and show!

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