Do You Need To Push Yourself Out Of Your Travel Comfort Zone?

When thinking about your travel experiences, how often do you push yourself out of your travel comfort zone? And we mean really push yourself, and not just giving up the idea of a hotel room in Spain for a tent in the Isle of Wight.

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Travel is all about broadening the mind and doing things that we wouldn’t normally do in our usual environments. But too many of us refuse to step out of our comfort zones, preferring to stick to tried and tested ways of travelling, staying in the usual places, and walking paths that have been well trodden by other tourists.

If you need to do something a little more daring the next time you’re deciding where to go on your travels, consider the following:

Don’t gravitate towards the usual cities or countries you normally go to

Instead, consider somewhere new. You might even travel to a non-English speaking country, as that will give you the incentive to learn a new language, and will force you to think on your feet when you’re interacting with others. Consider these unique travel destinations if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Pack with a sense of adventure in mind

So, if you’re planning on visiting a popular beach resort, pack more than your sunscreen and sunglasses. Think of the water-based activities you might be able to get involved in, from surfing to scuba diving… any one of which is more exciting than sitting on a beach all day. You can buy wetsuits online from Ann’s Cottage, so make the purchase as an incentive to do something different.

Love water? Why not try SUP?

And wherever you go, you might want to cut down on your travel beauty essentials. Forget glitz and glamour, as you might want to throw caution to the wind and go climbing, zip wiring, or deep water diving (for example) and you might not do any of these things if you are too fussy about your skincare and your hair!

Plan on doing something new while you’re away

We have already considered some of the activities that you might want to try, but there are other experiences that may yet be unfamiliar to you. When planning where to eat, dare to visit those places that don’t serve foods that you are currently used to. Eating something from this weird food gallery may not be everybody’s idea of tasty fun, but who knows, you might actually enjoy eating something different. And hey, even if you don’t enjoy what you eat, you will at least have the Instagram pics to prove to your friends that you tried something new.

And within your planning, consider accommodation that is against the norm. Hotels, tents, and rented rooms are all well and good, but what about something a little quirkier. You might book a stay in a designated treehouse, or a riverboat, or one of these unusual accommodation ideas. Sure, your stay may not be as comfortable as that in a hotel room, but we are talking about stepping out of your comfort zone, remember?

How about spending a night or two on a retired ice breaker?

And so…

Do you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Could you visit somewhere new, stay in accommodation that doesn’t have room service, and take part in activities that are a little more thrill-seeking than your usual sedate choices? If so, plan your next trip with a sense of adventure in mind, and do something different. The experience could be life-changing!

Happy Travelling!



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32 thoughts on “Do You Need To Push Yourself Out Of Your Travel Comfort Zone?

  1. Some vacations we push out of our comfort zone, others we don’t. Besides visiting family and our annual reunion, we try to go somewhere different any time we vacation.

  2. I would LOVE to push myself out of my traveling comfort zone and travel to Europe. I am nervous because I do not like flying and that is a LONG flight! But Europe is definitely on my bucket list.

    1. I don’t really like flying either, I find it stressful – I’m always glad when we arrive at our destination! I hope you get to travel to Europe at some point – there’s so much to see…
      Kate x

  3. You have nailed all of the things I love about travel and all of the things I love to do when traveling. I am always looking for new places to travel and always make sure that I experience new things when I am traveling.

    1. Thank you. Me too – I feel that travel should broaden your horizons in some way, whether that’s going to a new destination or having a new experience when you’re there…
      Kate x

    1. I love visiting new places and trying new activities, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea – you have to do what you enjoy at the end of the day!
      Kate x

  4. Love the trail tips! Pack with adventure in mind and also don’t gravitate toward cities and destinations that you usually travel to. That has worked well for me every time we travel!

  5. It’s always a bit of both for us. We like to try and get to places we’ve never visited and try new things but there is a lot to say for a lazy, relaxing, do-nothing trip to somewhere you already know. A mixture is what works for us.

    1. Same here – whilst I love to explore new places and enjoy new experiences, sometimes I just want to chill out somewhere I feel at home…
      Kate x

  6. Awesome tips, I’m about to have my first travel adventure in my life and these really handy to consider. Thank you for sharing it 🙂

    1. It’s just so easy to get stuck in a travel rut isn’t it? You find a few places you like and so you keep going back… but it’s nice to explore somewhere new too every so often!
      Kate x

    1. Me too – I love exploring! As far as thrill-seeking goes, it depends what it involves lol… I’m not too good with heights!
      Kate x

    1. You can go to the same places and still get out of your comfort zone by doing different activities too… it doesn’t always have to involve going somewhere different. And visiting family is fun too…
      Kate x

  7. My 2018 is marked by doing things out of the comfort zone. I have degree in the management of Tourism and from my 15th year I work on the accommodation. I love how you are trying to be less traditional with booking of your accommodation. I bet you have so much more adrenaline when you are traveling somewhere. Love your spirit just keep going 😀

    1. Wow, a degree in Tourism Management sounds great! Thank you – travel is what inspires me and I enjoy trying new things whenever we go away…
      Kate x

  8. Love these tips! I recently started trying to branch out with our vacay spots actually ! Normally I cling to tropical locations, but my husband and I went to New Zealand for our honeymoon and now I’m all about the adventure locations!

    1. Thank you! I like to mix it up a bit to be honest – a bit of adventure and a bit of kicking back and relaxing! I’d definitely love to visit New Zealand at some point…
      Kate x

    1. Haha… I do most of the travel arrangements in our house so I usually get the final decision on where we go, lol!
      Kate x

  9. Playing it safe when it comes to travel is something I would probably do. I don’t travel much but a push to get outside of my comfort would be great.

    1. I think it’s good to get outside your comfort zone every so often, whether it’s with travel or something else… and I’m always looking for new destinations and activities!
      Kate x

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